Journey through history and visit a chapel, a castle and an abbey…

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Adult$95 per person
Child (3-16 years)$89 per Child

forth railway bridgeForth Railway Bridge

Amazing Victorian engineering

Dunfermline abbeyDunfermline Abbey

The resting place of Robert the Bruce

Stirling castleStirling*

Explore the magnificent castle


The site of Scotland’s greatest victory

Rosslyn chapelRosslyn Chapel*

Featured in The Da Vinci Code

Head North to Fife…

This tour brings Scotland’s medieval history to life, but we start with a more modern marvel, the Forth Railway Bridge. As we cross into Fife your guide will tell you about the heroes of Scotland’s past who battled in this ancient kingdom.

Visit Dunfermline Abbey…

Your first stop is the town of Dunfermline. Walk down the beautiful Dunfermline Abbey*, and visit the Abbey Church. The nave is the final resting place of Robert the Bruce, who battled for Scotland’s right to be a nation.

Explore Stirling Castle and the city…

Into Stirlingshire and we stop at the beautiful city of Stirling, site of the monument of Scottish hero William Wallace (whose life was dramatised in the film Braveheart). You’ll have ample time to stroll through the beautiful and ancient streets that surround it. There is also the chance to explore the stunning castle*.

Visit the site of Scotland’s greatest victory…

From Stirling, we head to Bannockburn, the battlefield where Robert the Bruce routed the English in 1314. Time permitting a stop to view the statue of Robert the Bruce on his horse.

Decode the mystery of Rosslyn Chapel…

The tour finishes with a historical mystery at Rosslyn Chapel*, made famous in Dan Brown’s novel the Da Vinci Code. Is this the resting place of the Holy Grail? No one really knows, but you’ll love the chapel and the beautiful walk you can take through Roslin Glenand the ruins of Rosslyn Castle.

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